My USA Family

My grandfather Erik Olsson was born in Sundsvall Sverige 1886 and died 1960 i Stockholm. Erik had many siblings.
My grandfather and his brother Otto had not talked to each other in 50 years until Otto called grandfather Erik
One brother Otto was born in 1889 in Sundsvasll Sweden and died in 1959 at the age of 70 years. Buried at West Lawn Cemetery in Ohio USA. 
Otto fick 4 barn
Emily 1919-2013
Marta 1921-2013
Rose Mary 1923-1923
Charles 1924-1944
Rose Mary var "Blue Baby" = hjärtfel, Otto's Daughter Ros Mary I did not know about until I found on the internet so I asked my American cousins about her. They said she was "Blue Baby" and lived only 12 days. So sad.
Here is a pictures of Otto whith his wife Charity. Charity was born 1898-1988


I have no other pictures of Otto's wife unfortunately.
Jag hittade en gravsten på sonen Charles
I also found  Emely
Otto Died 1959, Min morfar Erik dog året efter
Otto's grandchildren live far away from me
Denise in Arizona
Ray in Ohio
What luck I found them on Facebook many years ago and we still keep in touch
Hope they go in and read this and can write things I did not know
Many hugs från me to you all


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